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Succession Planning

Stand Up Meeting

Planning for that future takes time and strategy to figure out, and family businesses have a lot at stake when it comes to planning for the future of their company.

​With the success of the business comes challenges in managing change.

  • How will the company thrive in an economic slowdown?

  • What if someone becomes ill or dies?

  • What if one of us "burns out?"​


Keider Consulting Group helps family businesses develop plans for the future through:

  • strategizing a future vision for the business

  • assessing the current talents of the organization

  • design talent development plans for high-potential candidates

  • preparing and pacing the business for the change

  • gradually releasing responsibilities and changing roles

Where is your talent pipeline?


Emergency successors should be those capable of doing the job for a short, cover period only - usually up to three months.

ready now

A Ready Now successor is a person who is presently competent and ready to take over the role immediately.


Ready 1 -3 years

Ready 1 – 3 years successors should be capable of potentially filling the role within this time frame.

none available

None available means there are no available successors for a role. This requires a business decision to either grow talent internally through graduate or designated programs or to externally source successors.

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