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Family Business

Happy Managers

Family businesses have a lot at stake when it comes to the growth and development of their people.

Too many times, family businesses get stuck in the habits and practices of when the business was founded.


In a family-run business, relationships are at the heart of making decisions. Leaders have a sense of loyalty to the people, the process, and profits. This dedication often leaves one or two people with much of the responsibility for making key decisions.

Questions about your family business:

  • What is the ownership structure?

  • What is the overall vision for the business?

  • How is your business governed? How are decisions made?

  • How does your company recruit non-family employees?

  • What is the business's succession plan?


Keider Consulting Group helps family-run businesses grow through:

  • keeping relationships at the forefront of change decisions

  • ensuring communication of vision, goals, and impact​

  • training and developing leaders from within the talent pool

  • collaborating across departments and roles

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