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Image by Charles Deluvio

Many people face the dilemma of aligning what they think and feel with their actions.  

Coaching is a process for developing clarity and congruency with one’s thinking, emotions, and actions.

While coaching has become a more preferred way of talking through meeting goals and being successful, finding the right coach depends on several factors:


  • Willingness to engage in open conversations about hopes, fears, and vision for success

  • Dedication to take healthy steps to achieve your intended outcomes

  • Flexibility to explore un-discovered avenues for meaningful collaboration

  • Comfort in ambiguity and in seeking new ways of finding meaning and purpose to your goals


Keider Consulting Group enhances the coaching experience with clients through:


  • Non-judgemental listening

  • Posing questions to clarify and build confidence

  • Predicting and imagining possibilities

  • Planning for roadblocks and distractions

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